The Holding

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Sleeping giant , become my home, become my healer, become my friend.

Part of this world waiting your awake.

What I imagine comes true with the help of billion hands

Till the holding let you go you are a dream.



The holding is the structure
around a building to help workers
to gain access to parts of the
unfinished building to do
neccessary work to complete it.

I plan to modify the outer layer of
the holding so that it creates the
illusion of a human shape.
a sleeping giant.

The Giant is sleeping ... dreaming
inside of him.

and after he disapears the dream
takes shape and a building
emerges out of him.

This project symbolizes the wishes
of humanity to create, from the moment
of idea over the
organisation of the work force to
the use of all of us.

Its a positive look onto humanities
creation powers.


Thru history we created
Monuments to celebrate our

Giant statues to show who we
honor and who we are.

Some are abstract geometric like
the pyramids others show human
shapes like the "Statue of Liberty".

Visual Approach

I like to follow this tradition but in a
fast changing world I want stay to
temporary art.

That way there will be more
creative freedom and fun to

The holding stays green colored,
it stays functional and inside the
holding is real work goin on.

The shapes of the holding can
vary from full bodies to body

Other objects are possible as well.

Lights at night can play via
projectors with the surface of the

Im looking for companies,
fundations to help me make this
project real.


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