Selective Memory


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Are photos reality? I doubt it, they might not even be past. They are a reflection, my subjective view in that moment and every time I look at the photo it gets newly interpreted by my brain. What I see while looking at it might be so far detached from reality... unrecognizable so that a photograph becomes what it should be...a forgotten memory.





I m doin photos daily, since 10 years
there is probably no day where I didn’t
took a photograph.

Terabites of info in my computer.

Looking at them often gives me
forgotten memories back.

But does it really?
Is it not more so
that the photograph is
a subjective interpretation of that
moment? Or even only a objective view
without emotion from the camera?

Only my reinterpretation is creating the

And it could be a wrong interpretation.

The girl who is laughing might only do
it for the moment of the photograph.
The sexual touch only for the pose.
The beauty only a show.

I want to minimalize memory’s only
show what I myself can remember.
In the hope to get a clearer view of the
past. I only remember what I want.

Visual Approach

Street photography thats how it started.

Walking outside seeing things
photograph them with them knowing or
not knowing that they are photographed.

I often ask but sometimes I don’t want to
change the reality when I feel it's
already showing what I wish.

I black out everything what I don’t care
to remember, the places where I saw them
is not the reason I ask them for a photograph.

There Look and feelings is what attracts me.